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No more frustration when you find that great deal - only to discover that Amazon won't let you sell it...

Your time is precious. Use our super-easy-to-use platform to find great Amazon arbitrage deals.

Find more deals. Sell more product. Grow faster.

  • We find data that can make you money. Money in the form of price differences between what you can buy something for, and what you can sell it for.
  • We discover thousands of price differences between hundreds of retailers and Amazon.
  • When you can buy something much cheaper than it sells for on Amazon, it gets interesting.
  • Its known as arbitrage. It’s just trading.
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“This definitely cracks it” – Neil, UK

“Its been so good” – Mike, USA

“The search by amazon category is a great feature! I love that idea!” – Paul, USA

Some of the suppliers we search

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Four criteria for a successful Amazon trading outcome

SourceMogul allows you to analyse websites to find products that you could sell on Amazon at a profit.

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  • Unlimited monthly searches of 233 US or 206 UK stores. More coming soon!
  • Perhaps you only sell Toys and Games? Use our Search by Amazon Category. We’ll just find Toys and Games for you.
  • We deep dive the whole site to provide you with all the information you need. So... you don't need to understand how websites are built. Its all done in the background for you.
  • Many suppliers are cached in the system and refreshed daily to provide fast results
  • Set and Forget – put together as many searches as you like and SourceMogul will run them all in the cloud for you.
  • Start your searches
  • Quickly analyse the results

    • Full fat filtering capabilities. Set what profit and sales rank you’re after.
    • Accurate profit reporting. Add coupon codes, shipping fees, VAT status (UK) and much more
    • Detailed Sales Rank and Pricing History graphs for every product we find
    • Set your own matching sensitivity:

      Pull slider to the left for better matching

      To the right to really open it up and find the occasional hidden gem

  • Quickly analyse the results
  • Add to your wishlist

    • Add anything you’re interested in to your personal Wishlist
    • Wishlist area analyses Stock availability and indicates any Brand Restrictions.
    • Rescan your Wishlist whenever you like for fresh pricing and availability data.
  • Add to your wishlist
  • Trade and profit

    • When you have found products through SourceMogul that you want to trade, click on the links to the supplier store and you can go and purchase straight away
    • You can either get them delivered to your home/premises or use one of the many FBA Prep Centers that exist - they will check and send the products on to Amazon
    • When you have added the product to your Amazon listing and sent it in, wait for the product to sell
  • Trade and profit
    • How it works

      SourceMogul has been built by Amazon traders - for Amazon traders. Its super easy to use. Click on the images below to get a feel for how it can transform your business.

      Step One

      Simply select supplier you want to analyse

      Step Two

      Or select the categories you’re interested in.

      Step Three

      We’ll show you how each search is progressing in real time.

      Step Four

      Dial in exactly what you are looking for with extensive filter settings.

      Step Five

      Check out the products that we find.

      Step Six

      Add items you are interested in to your wishlist

      Step Seven

      Check for Stock availability and Brand Restrictions at the touch of a button.

      “I’m with you guys for the long term” – Robert, USA


      “Even my grandma gets SourceMogul

      …an intuitive tool. You don't have to know much at first about sourcing and its criteria. SourceMogul provides all the necessary data for you in one window, to make a swift decision to further analyse a product or not. Continue to investigate on ROI and profit and so on. Really simple to use and impactful results. Extremely time efficient and simple to use. Definitely recommend. By the way, Ed and the team are extremely helpful and quick to answer any of your questions. Great tool with great team.” Zildon, UK

      “Well worth the money!

      SourceMogul has been a huge help to me in sourcing products online. It saves a ton of time poring over websites and analyzing products. The interface is extremely easy to use and shows all the information you need to make an informed buying decision. I especially like being able to search by Amazon category. They are continually improving the software and adding websites. Whenever I have a question it is easy to get help. Plus, they often ask how they can improve the software and take the time to listen to suggestions. It is definitely worth the price!” Katherine - United States

      “Great arbitrage service

      WOW! SourceMogul has been a HUGE time saver when trying to source products for re-sale. I am able to quickly search many different websites to find items that meet my criteria for reselling based on ROI, sales rank, $$$ profit, etc. It even tells me if I'm restricted from selling a certain product on Amazon. It helped me find many products I wouldn't have known about otherwise. I've only been using it a few weeks, but I've already made a few hundred extra dollars profit and I'm sure there will be lots more to come. And in comparison to some other arbitrage sites I've seen, this one runs much more quickly and the site is laid out logically (and looks pretty). I'm able to see all the data I need right away to make my purchasing decisions. Mike - United States

      “Such a Time Saver!

      I've only been using Source Mogul for a few weeks but it has already saved me so much time!! Search results are quickly returned and it is incredibly intuitive to use. Having used other product sourcing software in the past I am used to spending a large chunk of time deleting mismatching items, Source Mogul has high quality matching features and I have noticed very few mismatches (you can also choose to see items which may include more mismatches to find hidden gems if you so wish). The filter system is great, no more rerunning searches when you want to change your filters! I truly believe Source Mogul is going to have a big impact on the Amazon FBA and FBM community. The support from Ed and his team is second to none. They have also recently created a FB support community for their users to socialise and help each other, I recommend joining!” Rebecca - United Kingdom

      SourceMogul Pricing

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      New customers only

      Supplier Search
      Amazon Category Search
      Wishlist functionality
      Stock check
      Automated Brand Restrictions Checker

      Limited Time Special Offer

      £710 $970
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      New customers only

      Supplier Search
      Amazon Category Search
      Wishlist functionality
      Stock check
      Automated Brand Restrictions Checker

      “One of the best SAAS tools I’ve ever seen” – Jacqui

      Why SourceMogul?

      • SourceMogul will bring up a list of products alongside a wealth of helpful up-to-the-minute information to help you to make the most informed decisions.
      • Power and Design – Hugely sophisticated search and database technology tamed via an easy to use interface.
      • Maybe you want to purchase things with a high profit margin, or perhaps you prefer to focus on things that will sell quickly.
      • Whatever your strategy, simply tick the metrics you’re looking for and – if it exists – we’ll find it for you

      “Have to say I’m very impressed” – Mickey, UK

      Killer Questions

      These are the two questions we always get asked from customers and clients.

      Hang on. If its that good why are you letting other people use it? Why aren’t you using it to trade yourselves

      Great question. Firstly, we’d need deep pockets to take advantage of all the deals.

      More to the point, though, many retailers have a maximum number of products that you can purchase. Which is actually pretty good for our SourceMogul customers as one person can’t just buy up all the stock.

      Ok, but if lots of people use it, won’t it saturate the market and then it’ll be a race to the bottom on price?

      First off, there are a lot of deals to be found. It’s also one of the reasons we include price history graphs for all the products we’ll be showing you.

      If you spot people are selling cheaper than the historical averages, remember they will have a limited amount of stock usually, wait for them to sell out and prices will typically return to the average over time, its what pricing analysts call Regression to the Mean