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Discover the best products to sell on Amazon.

SourceMogul scans over 80 million products per month to help you find profitable deals before anyone else.

Online arbitrage software for Amazon sellers.

Over 2 million people make regular income by buying household products and reselling them on the world’s biggest eCommerce platform. SourceMogul works hard 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, scanning hundreds of leading retailer websites to find cheap products that can be sold for more money on Amazon. We are an official Amazon Software Partner, which gives us unique insight into pricing and volume trends, and we use our expertise to help sellers like you to source the best and most profitable products.

Unlike other product sourcing solutions we do not limit the number of searches you can make, or the number of results you see, and we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our product matching. We work tirelessly so that you don’t have to!

Amazon software partner

Amazon Software Partner

SourceMogul are an Official Amazon Software Partner

Join millions of others, all making money online every day.

The key to successful online arbitrage trading is to identify the right products to sell online at a profit. This can be time consuming, and profitable items can be sold out very quickly. SourceMogul simplifies this process by cleverly matching products from hundreds of retailer websites against Amazon listings, and analyses the potential profitability so that you can stay ahead of the competition and grow your business faster.

Key Features.

SourceMogul is packed full of features to help you on your Amazon seller journey.

  • Unlimited Retailer Searches

    Quickly and easily search hundreds of leading USA and UK retailers for profitable arbitrage opportunities.

  • Unlimited Wholesale Searches

    Upload your own list of products from wholesalers and let SourceMogul search for deals.

  • Unlimited Category Searches

    Search by Amazon category for profitable deals across hundreds of retailer websites.

  • Instant Filters

    A full range of filters that adjust results instantly (no need to re-run). Complete control over matching accuracy, profit/ROI, sales rank, and more.

  • Product Information

    Detailed product information about historic sales rank and pricing, competitive sellers, reviews, product dimensions, FBA fee calculations, and more.

  • HAZMAT & Listing Restrictions

    SourceMogul will check for listing restrictions against each product and allows you to quickly request permission.

  • Bulk Stock Checking

    We regularly check the stock status of all products we find, and allow you to check the status of any product instantly from within the product feed.

  • Accurate Matching

    Our machine learning technology accurately matches retailer products against the relevant Amazon listing.

  • Discounts & Sales Tax

    Add gift cards, cashback, discounts, delivery costs, FBA / handling fees, and sales tax into your profit calculations.

  • Add to Wishlist

    Add products to your own personal Wishlist (buy list) where you can check for the latest pricing and stock availability in bulk.

  • Fast Searching

    Unlike other Amazon arbitrage solutions, SourceMogul can scan major retailers in minutes, not days.

  • Chrome Extension Included

    Pull down product information from clearance, wholesale, and niche websites for comparison.

Why choose SourceMogul?

  • Speed

    Scan millions of products quickly and identify profitable opportunities.

  • Advantage

    Stay ahead of the competition and find deals before they sell out.

  • Insight

    Real-time analysis of Amazon sales performance and sales rank.

  • Simplicity

    An intuitive and easy to use user interface makes sourcing simple.

Four simple steps to finding profitable products.

Start your searches.

  • Search for profitable products automatically by supplier or category.
  • Alternatively, you can upload your own product spreadsheets for analysis against Amazon pricing.
  • Our powerful search engine searches millions of products and identifies profitable opportunities.

Quickly analyse results.

  • Intuitive and easy to use filters help to find the best products for you.
  • Set your desired profit, ROI, purchase price, and sales rank to filter your results.
  • Add coupon codes, shipping fees, VAT status (UK) and much more to get accurate profit calculations.
  • In-depth Amazon sales rank and pricing history graphs are included for every product.

Add to your wish list.

  • Add products you are interested in to your personal wish list.
  • Wish list can be refreshed to check for latest stock availability and for storage of items that you may want to sell regularly.

Trade and profit.

  • When you have selected your products, click the links to purchase straight away.
  • You can either get them delivered to your home/premises or use one of the many FBA Prep Centers that exist – they will check and send the products to Amazon on your behalf.
  • Add the product to your Amazon listing, send it in, and wait for it to sell.

What our customers say.

  • It took me 15 mins to find a bluetooth headset that I bought for $19 and later sold for $53 after fees!

    Stefan United States
  • WOW! SourceMogul has been a HUGE time saver when trying to source products for resale.

    Mike United States
  • Starting out as a new Amazon seller was daunting at first, but SourceMogul has made it so much easier for me. I’d recommend this to anyone starting out in OA.

    JD United States
  • Flipping products is so easy. I just sold out of the Playstation games that I bought for $12.98 and sold for $39.99!

    Ryan United States
  • Really simple to use and impactful results. Extremely time efficient and simple to use. Definitely recommend.

    Zildon United Kingdom
  • SourceMogul has been a huge help to me in sourcing products online. It saves a ton of time poring over websites and analysing products.

    Katherine United States
  • I’ve only been using SourceMogul for a few weeks but it has already saved me so much time! Search results are quickly returned and it is incredibly intuitive to use.

    Rebecca United Kingdom
  • I am a bit of a technophobe but SourceMogul is so easy once you get the hang of it. I’ve already sold my first products and made a profit! Definitely recommend!!

    Chuck United States
  • I’ve been selling successfully on Amazon for almost 5 years. The wholesale list upload feature has saved me HOURS every day and is now essential for my business!

    Phil United Kingdom
  • SourceMogul has allowed me to add another revenue stream to my Amazon business with very little effort. I personally love the sales history charts – very useful.

    Daniella United States
  • Using SourceMogul has provided me with a full time income. I buy and sell in the USA but run my business from South Africa. The support team are really helpful!

    Tiaan South Africa
  • SourceMogul is the first thing I open in the morning, and the last thing I close at night. Simply awesome software that pays for itself! Keep it up guys!

    Jenny United States
  • I’ve seen this product grow and develop over the past few years and it keeps getting better! I really like how easy it is to use.

    Trevor United States
  • It was only after using SourceMogul for a few days that I realised how much time I was wasting! It’s literally saved me 2 days a week. Highly recommended.

    Charles United Kingdom

Over 80 million products scanned every month.

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