Who we are

We shake up your inventory search

Enabling users to quickly see market insights deep beneath the surface. Identify trends, gaps, price fluctuations and seize opportunities that might otherwise pass.

We transform arbitrage through Amazon, putting the power in the hands of e-traders like never before. Buy from retail or wholesale, then sell for more on Amazon. Make the difference less fees.

At X4 Software we want to bring you the very best online arbitrage tools. We’re a mix of Wales- based business people, coders and designers that love building genuinely useful products to help people with their Amazon journey.

We launched our first tool ‘ProfitSourcery’ back in March 2015. ProfitSourcery is a daily list of up to 10 items. Due to popular demand on what additional functionality people wanted to see from ProfitSourcery, we built out SourceMogul. Its been over 2 years in the making. We’re pretty proud of it.

We’re proud winners of the Welsh Start Up Awards “Global Start Up of the Year”, as sponsored by NatWest, a major UK Bank.

Why SourceMogul?

Find good tradable items – fast

We know how annoying it is to discover too late that the products you want aren’t available, or that you’re not allowed to buy them. That’s why when items are added to your Wishlist we run Stock Checks and an intelligent Brand Restriction Checks that syncs to your personal Amazon Seller Account.

Delivering these checks is another way that SourceMogul saves you precious time and energy.

Power and Design

Our software is incredibly complex, unmatched in its power and sophistication. But all of its cleverness is neatly concealed beneath the bonnet.

Our design is elegant, user-friendly and intuitive, requiring no special technical ability, URL manipulation or expert knowledge. We pride ourselves on making FBA arbitrage open to everyone.


We give our customers the widest results for product searches.

  1. We have a great range of suppliers for you to analyse
  2. We offer all product categories for our suppliers, saving you either having to purchase these from a third-person supplier or having to spend hours figuring out the URLs for yourself.
  3. Finally, we give ALL the pages of the search results. All of this means that you’re more likely to discover amazing arbitrage deals that no one else finds, keeping you ahead of the competition.