Mastering Amazon SEO

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Getting your products to appear high in Amazon’s search results is a great way to boost your sales. If you have a great product which is just not shifting take a look at your listing and keywords to see what improvements you could make.


If you compare Amazon to Google, Amazon has roughly 3x the search volume for products. There are a few things you can do to make your product appear higher in the search results.


Include brand, model, material, colour, size, quantity, and just one keyword – too many will put buyers off.


Make sure you’ve filled in the “brand” field correctly in your listing. Many shoppers will browse by brand.

Key features

These show as bullet points at the top of your listing. There is quite a lot of evidence that shows these carry more weight than the description, so make sure these are keyword rich.

Search terms

You MUST fill this in! You have limited characters, so use the space wisely but don’t repeat words. There is no need for commas or any other punctuation, and don;t worry about misspellings and variations, Amazon will take care of these automatically with corrective search.

Think like your customer

The best way to maximise success is to think about the terms someone might use to look for your item. Try to understand why they are looking for your item and you will find it easier to communicate this to them.

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