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How to create an Amazon Seller Account

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Selling on Amazon has allowed millions of people to generate a second income, and this guide will help new users understand the process of how to set up an Amazon Seller Account. We receive lots of enquiries from new customers asking us how signing up as an Amazon Seller works, this guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

how to set up an Amazon Seller account

The process of creating an Amazon Seller Account is relatively straightforward, however there are some simple mistakes that people make, and we will talk you through the process to avoid having your application delayed.

Amazon doesn’t do ‘nuance’.

Amazon has focused quite a lot of energy into their automated systems, and as with any large company, it is very difficult to reach a human being if you need to. If you follow the required process you will fall into the 99.9% of people who are simply approved without any issues. However, if you fail to provide the correct information, or if break any of the standard rules e.g. haviong multiple accounts, resolving these problems can be very time consuming. Amazon support is notoriously rigid and enquiries can take days to resolve.

Gather your information.

Depending on your territory, there are different requirements for validating your identity. Take the time to gather important documentation that may be required. A valid driving license, passport, utility bill, business registration information (if relevant), tax information (if relevant) are all examples of documents that may be required by Amazon to identify you, and your business. Things have improved slightly in recent years as some territories are now offering a video call to authenticate you and your information.

Start the application.

The first step to setting up your Amazon Seller Account, is to head over to one of the the URLs below:

USA: https://sell.amazon.com/
UK: https://services.amazon.co.uk/

You can also check out this very handy guide from the very helpful team at SellerInteractive

Simply click the “start selling” option and you will be redirected to to the Amazon seller central log in page, select ‘Create a New Account’ and follow the instructions provided. If you already have an Amazon account and would like to use that, please feel free to do so.

Enter your business information.

Choose your ‘Business location’ and ‘Business type’. Business location is the country in which your business operates. Whereas, Business type will have a multiple choice list of the following:

  • State-owned business
  • Publicly-owned business
  • Privately owned business
  • Charity
  • None, I am an individual.

If you do not have a formally registered company, then most people will select “I am an individual”. Be aware that this option will register you as a sole proprietor/sole trader and you may want to check the relevant tax implications for your country. This option may also restrict some features, so please ensure it is right for you.

Next, you need to enter your business, seller and personal information. This is simply your name, address, telephone number, email address, and also list the types of products that you wish to sell. Don’t panic, you are not bound by the choices you enter here, but it helps to give Amazon an idea of the products you may wish to focus on e.g. cosmetics, pet supplies, etc.


Amazon requires two forms of ID, one of which is used to confirm your name and the other is used to confirm your address. For example, in the US/Canada/Mexico, the required documents are:

  • National ID card
  • Credit card statement, bank statement, or utility bill.

The rules differ slightly for other territories, but there is clear guidance on the form which you need to follow carefully. Below are some common reasons for failing verification:

Low resolution scans

Make sure that the scans you upload are clear, legible, and show the entire document.

Billing and address information do not match

This is the most common reason for failing verification. It can be avoided by choosing documents that both clearly show your name and the same address.

Partial documents

Some sellers choose to only send the front page of a document, or to edit out some information. This is not recommended and will likely lead to you being declined.


Sometimes Amazon will reject applications for unknown reasons – their verification process is complex and occassionally applications are denied due to reasons outside of the applicants control. If you are rejected, don’t panic. Simply check the information you submitted and respond with clear answers to any questions Amazon may have. Remember – they want you to sell on their platform!

Once you are submitted, feel free to have a look through some of our free seller guides. We have a handy guide to starting your own Amazon business as well as useful information about Amazon FBA and how to become a successful Amazon seller.

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