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What are Amazon seller fees?

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Seller fees are fees you have to pay to Amazon for trading on their marketplace and using their services. There are a variety of fees sellers may have to pay, depending on the type of product you are selling and which (if any) of Amazon’s services you choose to use in the process. Seller fees can be divided into two different categories, Amazon seller fees and FBA fees.


Monthly Subscription Fees

Amazon sellers decide between having a Basic or Pro seller account. The Basic account is free to set up however you have to pay a ‘per-item fee’ to Amazon for every item sold. The Pro account is a fixed monthly cost per month however there is no ‘per-item fee’.

For a list of up-to-date prices, simply visit the relevant seller sign up page for your territory.

Referral Fees

For every item you sell on Amazon you will be charged a referral fee. This is essentially Amazon’s fee for directing the customer to you.

For items in ‘Media’ categories (books, music, video games, VHS, blu-ray and DVDs) the fee is calculated as 15% of the total cost to the buyer excluding shipping.

For ‘Non-Media’ items (everything other than books, music, video games, VHS, blu-ray and DVDs) this fee is charged as a percentage of the total amount paid by your customer for the item including shipping.

The referral fee percentage for non-media items varies depending upon the parent category of the product.

(The ‘Referral Fee’ is calculated for all the products you find on SourceMogul; it is part of the ‘Amazon fee’ breakdown.)

Variable Closing Fee (VCF)

When a customer makes a purchase Amazon take the shipping fee at the time of the sale. A ‘Variable Closing Fee’ is deducted from the shipping fee before Amazon pass the rest onto you as postage credit (i.e. the money you use to pay for the actual posting of the item). The VCF applies to all media products (books, music, video, blu-ray & DVDs).

If you are using FBA you will still need to pay a VCF on media products. However you do not receive postage credit from the sale as you are not posting the item yourself.

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