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What is Online Arbitrage?

Find cheap products, sell them for more money elsewhere.

Online Arbitrage, or ‘OA’ for short, is simply the process of buying products from online retailers, and selling them for more money. SourceMogul works by identifying products that can be sold at a profit on the world’s biggest marketplace – Amazon.

SourceMogul is a subscription based automated scanning software solution which analyses tens of millions of products per month, and identifies profitable products for resale. Our users can take advantage of our powerful analysis tools to investigate profitable buying and selling opportunities from hundreds of leading retailers, or upload wholesale product lists for comparison, or even scan websites in real-time to find last minute deals.

Our users range from ‘first time’ sellers, to experienced and well established traders, who all use our software to make money providing products for sale on Amazon.

Our software does the hard work for you.

It is entirely possible to make money with Online Arbitrage without using automated product sourcing software, however, it is extremely time consuming. SourceMogul scans millions of products in the time it takes a human to view dozens, and it also calculates profit, checks whether you have permission to sell the product, and checks the supplier stock levels.

Many of our customers are using SourceMogul to make additional income for their families and to improve their lifestyle. How would you rather spend your time?

What do I need to get started?

SourceMogul works by scanning online retailers and comparing pricing against live data from Amazon. Some of our features are specific to your individual seller profile, which means that all of our users require an Amazon Professional Seller Account. Although this may sound daunting, it’s really straightforward, and most sellers are approved within 24 hours.

Once signed up, we analyse the current and historic sales data to give a complete overview of pricing and volume trends that allow you to make the most informed purchasing decisions. There is nothing complicated about this, so as long as you can read a simple chart, you have all the information you need to succeed. Just to make sure, we also provide handy user guides, support, and other content to give you the best chance of becoming a successful Amazon trader.


How does it work?

The process is very straightforward.

  • SourceMogul identifies products that can be bought cheaper than they are currently being sold on Amazon.
  • You purchase the products, and either arrange for them to be sent to you, or to one of the many Prep Centres that exist specifically for this purpose.
  • Amazon collects the products either from you, or from the Prep Centre you have chosen.
  • The products are listed on Amazon, and sell at the price you set.
  • You make profit after Amazon deducts the standard fees, allowing you to reinvest the profits into buying more products.

You can choose to scale your business, or spend the profits, the choice is yours. Our users range from ‘full time’ sellers who make their entire income from Online Arbitrage, to ‘part time’ sellers who use SourceMogul to supplement their income.

Whatever your aspirations, we have helpful Training Guides that can help you get the most out of SourceMogul.

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