How to find and enter an Amazon API key

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On first login to SourceMogul, you will be prompted to enter your Amazon API key. This guide will help to walk you through the process of finding, entering, and verifying your Amazon API key for use in the SourceMogul app.

Why do you need my seller key?

To get the best arbitrage opportunities, we need to run huge amounts of data to compare against Amazon’s prices. Each Amazon account comes with a number of daily scans that can be run against their database.

SourceMogul hooks into a part of your Amazon account. This simply lets us run queries about Amazon prices, sales ranks and restricted brands.

It doesn’t give us access to any of your confidential information.

How to get your Amazon API key.

  • You first need to sign up for Amazon Marketplace Web Services. You can do this by clicking the link found on the right hand side of the “API keys” page found inside SourceMogul, which will redirect you to the relevant sign-up form for your territory.
  • You will then need to enter the Amazon Developer name and ID (listed below the link in the SourceMogul API Keys page).
  • Check the boxes and click Next to accept the MWS Licence Agreement.
  • Nearly done! Grab your Seller ID from the box in the middle of the Congratulation page that loads up.
  • Your Seller ID will look like this (yours will have different values): A2TUSQ712UPXY7
  • Also, copy the MWS Auth Token from the second box on the page. It will look like this: amzn.mws.12atcb95-6195-97z4-944b-ad13464e1931 (this is only an example).

Enter your keys to start using SourceMogul.

You will be redirected to the API Keys page on first login to SourceMogul, but if you need to navigate back there, simply follow Settings > API Keys.

Once you have your Amazon Seller ID and MWS Auth Token (in the steps above), simply paste them into the fields found back in the SourceMogul app (Settings > API Keys), then press Validate Keys / Save Keys and you’re done.

NOTE: It may take Amazon up to 10 minutes to process this permission, so if you get a Failed message, maybe go and grab a coffee and try again!

Can I use SourceMogul without entering a seller key?

It is possible to use SourceMogul without entering a key, however we give priority to sellers who have entered keys, and may occasionally be forced to limit the search volume and speed of ‘keyless’ users. We strongly recommend for best performance that you take the time to register for an Amazon Pro Seller account and Amazon Marketplace Web Services to access your personal API key.