Using the Wish List for final checks

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The Wish List is where checks are carried out against items that may be of interest. You can check stock, check brand restrictions, and more.

The Wish List displays all the products from search results that you think are worth investigating further. On this page, as with the results page, you are able to adjust the filter settings to suit your needs (1), and how many, and the order in which products are displayed (2). You can also manually delete results (3), by either selecting all results and using the trashcan icon, or by using the trashcan icon on each product. You can flag up a mismatch, with the flag icon (4).

You’re now able to run the brand restriction checker against your Wish List products (5). Each result will have a link that directs you to Amazon to check for the brand restriction status. If any of your results come back as restricted for your account, you then have the option to delete them from your results (6).

All products in the Wish List are automatically checked for stock status when they’re added, so here (7) is where you’ll see if the product is in or out of stock with the retailer.

Detailed information is displayed by each product, starting with the Recent History graph, then giving a breakdown of key data such as the potential profit, sales per month, ROI and Sales rank. For further detailed information click through here (8).

And finally, the Wishlist Icon at the top right of the page gives you the option to download your Wishlist as a CSV.


On the second page of detailed information (9) you can now find out about the competition, product details and spec, and exactly how the Amazon fees are calculated. It is also possible to download the Wishlist by clicking the icon in the top right of the page (10).